Simple Computer

Simple Computer

If your are looking for a computer for someone you know without all the
complicated bells and whistles that come with most computers, then you
have come to the right place, start by downloading the best webinar software 2021.

Here you will find the results of my Spring research project. A simple
computer that anybody could use, to browse the Internet, check e-mail,
manage pictures or write digital documents and then convert it to pdf,
using software from sites as
for this purpose. Take a look at the below screenshots to see how simple
it really is:

The system is well suited for those elderly folks you know that still
want to be a part of the information age but don’t want spend a lot of
time learning how to use a computer, and to use it for other purposes
like studying or watching movies, even with a TV using it as a media
server since you can go online to get information step by step on
How to Setup and Use a Plex Media Server for Movies and TV specially
for this

Download and Installation

There are currently two recommended ways of using the simple computer.
One is through a Virtual Machine and the other is by downloading a
regular installation ISO. Using a virtual machine you can try out
Simple Computer within your current operating system. If you download
the ISO by default it erases your entire hard drive so it would destroy
your current operating system. Choose the installation system you
prefere for more information:

Installing with a virtual machine image

You will need:

  1. The virtual image
  2. The VirtualBox from
  • First download and extract the virtual machine image. Put
    it in a
    folder of it’s own like c:/simple computer/simple-computer.vid
  • Then
    download and install virtual box. It’s a rather straight forward
  • Once VirtualBox is installed start VboxManager which is
    found on the start menu.
  • Then click new to create a new virtual machine for the
    simple computer.
  • Enter “Simple Computer” for it’s name and select Linux
  • Use the slider bar to select how much RAM you wish to use.
    128Mb is good enough but if your machine has less than 512Mb of
    physical RAM I would use 64Mb
  • Click “Existing” when prompted for a hard drive image
  • Click “Add” when the Virtual Disk Manager appears. And then
    find and open the virtual disk image you downloaded. (eg c:/simple
    computer/simple-computer.vdi) Be sure to extract it first. (it can have
    a .zip)
  • Select the image you just added and click “Next” Click
    Finished and you’re done setting up the virtual machine.
  • Click “Start” and Enjoy.

Installation Guide using ISO image

Click the link below to download the ISO CD-ROM Image:

To use the ISO it must first be burned to a blank CD. This can be done
many different ways but in most operating systems it’s as simple as
right-clicking the file and choosing burn to CD.
Specific instructions can be found at the how
to burn a iso image page.

Once the CD is created installing the installing the simple computer is
as easy as placing the CD in your tray and configuring your BIOS to
boot of the CD-ROM. This will start the Debian installer. When greeted
with the installation screen simply pressing ENTER will start the
installation process. From then on everything is automated except the
confirmation to format your hard drive.

When the installation is complete you’re ready to use the simple
computer. For any assistance on the installation process you can check out home computer repair for valuable solutions.

If you wish to tinker with any of the internals you’ll need
to know the root password which is r00tme.

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  1. It’s basically a software product. This is was my senior project to create a computer system that was super easy to use. It’s basically just a customized distribution of Linux.

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