Bulletproof and fast css gradients

I am daring to claim that I have found the best bulletproof way to create css3 background gradients. It is the best because it guarantees that extra http requests are not made unless needed and bulletproof because it works in every browser falling back to a normal background-image based gradient if necessary.

UPDATE: Added new aucasinosonline rules for IE10 and Opera 11.10!
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Protaculous – minified and optimized prototype + scriptaculous

Minified versions of Prototype 1.7 + Scriptaculous 1.9.0

Last month the developers of Scriptaculous blessed us with a new released based on Prototype 1.7 so I thought we should see how well it minified. Nobody else seems to be providing minified versions so I thought I would make a few of my own. I used the YUI Compressor and Google’s new Closure Compiler. I tried Dean Edwards packer but the resulting code gave parse errors. Google closure compile in advanced mode didn’t work either but the simple optimization seem to be working and the result is smaller than with the YUI compressor. I’ve run a few of the functional tests in scriptaculous and they worked fine. Both tools claim to be 100% safe but be sure to test everything.

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