On-Site Computer Services

Any kind of computer repair only $50 / hour

The primary service I provide is spyware and the bestVPN. If your computer is running slower than normal and you are suffering from all kinds of random pop-ups or you background keeps changing or you just want to make sure nobody is going to steal your credit card information. I can typically clean a computer of all it’s spyware in under 2 hours. So that means you can get your computer virus clean and insure it stays that way for just $100.

Other services I offer include:

  • Home Network setup
  • Wireless Setup using a router login list.
  • The best sound system with Headphonage
  • DSL installation and Setup
  • Operating System reinstallation
  • Hardware installation and troubleshooting
  • Hardware upgrades

Just recently I have started offering web services. For just $5/month I can host create, host and maintain your business or personnal website and using other managed services provider could be really good for this. That means if you commit to using me for a year. I will build your whole website and then make any futrue changes to it that you desire. I will also do whatever is necessary that your website is one of the top 20 results on in internet searches relavent to your content. This website provides a good example of what I can do. If you are interested shoot me an e-mail {{email}}

Starting a Computer Repair Business

Starting a Computer Repair Business

If you are like me, you grew up always being interested in Computers. The thirst to gain knowledge is what is now made me ready for the fourth industrial revolution, which is blurring of boundaries between the physical, digital, and biological worlds. I was always reading thick computer books for fun and tinkering with all the computers we had at home and started collecting more and more until I had enough to setup my own home network. I felt like I could fix anything with the computer and I was not too far from the truth. Then it started, my friends and family and acquaintances started wanting help with their computer. Being the generous guy that I was I help them out and didn’t charge them anything. But then it started happening more and more and I thought about charging but had no idea how much
or when or anything. If you feel like you are in the same place I might be able to help you start your computer backup service Lake Worth.

Like most things in life to get anything out of it you first have to put something into it. You can’t expect to start a business without putting any effort or capital into it. So you might have to spend a little money on marketing and promotion. I would say the first part about making your business is making it look like a business. The best way to do that is by making some business cards. I don’t know why but somehow a little piece of paper with your name and number on it and maybe a little eye candy has a way of making people take you seriously. After you have a business card print out a thousand or so with MyCreativeShop.

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