Run OS X in Linux with qemu

It is possible without too much difficulty to get OS X Leopard running as a guest in a virtual machine with Linux as the host without too much difficulty. It is illegal as far as I know unless you have Linux running on real Apple hardware and don’t want to reboot just to use OS X but if you’re in this boat you can also use Virtual Box which officially supports OSX guests on Apple hardware. If you don’t have Apple hardware you’re only option is qemu and now it’s possible with having to manually patch qemu.
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Slashem and Nethack Survivors guide

Slash’EM survivors guide

Having successfully ascended a Valkyrie on Nethack I moved on to more exciting things like Slash’EM. I have found Slash’EM to be every bit as good as Nethack, a little more challenging and much more interesting. This guide will hopefully get you started in playing and save you some frustrations and many, many stupid deaths.

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World Domination

World Domination


I am no longer working on this project. Anyone who has the desire can take it over. I would be happy to help in what way I can.

The World Domination Project is a Real Time Strategy game inspired by
the board game Axis and Allies utilizing the Stratagus engine. It will
emphasize strategy and not “see who can build the most units the
fastest.” Resources are not gathered like in other RTS’s, rather they
are distributed after a fixed interval of time based on how much land a
player occupies.
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Linux Virus

in Linux

By David

28, 2006 AD

CS343 –
Operating Systems I

Semester, 2006

Dr. Barry


purpose of this paper is to investigate the possibility of viruses in
Linux and to demonstrate how viruses work and spread. We will look at
the fundamental security differences between Linux and Windows that
make viruses so common in Windows and almost unheard of in Linux.

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