Day 1 of Job Hunt

Day 1, Feb 18.

 Yesterday I update my resume on Monster and Dice and wouldn’t you know it today I got an e-mail from a recruiter. Senior System Administrator needed in Cambridge, MA! Heck yes, I’m interested. Job description looks good Basically keep a bunch of Debian servers running for a research group. I can do that. I don’t exactly have 5 years experience but I think it’s ok since the recruiter contacted me. I replied with my resume and they said they sent it on up the chain for review, nice.

 Next up HP, a local tech company for me which I just noticed has several internships on their job board. Since I still have 3 credits left to go to complete my BS they are still fair game for me. I applied for all 8 of them. All of them are local for me so I feel as I have a pretty good chance. HP’s job site is pretty nice it lets you create a profile save your resume and everything and then submit it as many times as you want to. Unfortunately they have this tendency to repeat the same job over and over again once for each vacancy it seems. There’s an EDS call center I used to work at and there’s about 10 vacancies all for the same job and it’s repeated on the job list 10 times. Rather inconvenient. 

 Next Google. Everyone wants to work there and for good reason. I’ve applied to Google before but never got past the phone interview. But that was then this is now and I’ve learned all sorts of things that will impress their socks. I applied for two jobs there an intership job and an recent grad job. Not sure if that was a good idea but I though it wouldn’t hurt to do both. 

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