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How to get cash for old computers

If you’re like me you probably have a small or not-so-small collection of computer stuff most of which is obsolete, broken or both. Well now it’s possible to clean out your closet and get some cash for it as well. If you help your friends and neighbors get rid of their old computer junk it [...]

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IE9 image load event bug

I just found a problem with IE9 in how it handles the load event for img tags. With IE8 and earlier if I wanted to perform some JS function after an image loaded I could do something like this:

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Use webp images with jpeg fallback

Behold the Power of WebP If the below image has “webp” in the corner your browser can display WebP. If it has “jpeg” it is because your browser cannot show WebP images but the user experience remains the same. webp is a new image format pioneered by Google based on the VP8 video codec to [...]

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Eshop AIM Integration

Eshop is a nice ecommerce plugin for WordPress but it does not support taking credit card information directly on the site but redirects the customer to site or Paypal or some other payment processor. I had a need to accept cards without redirecting the customer to a external site so I wrote a patch [...]

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Install Adobe Flash Player 10.1

Flash Player 10.1 beta is out and it makes huge performance improvements over 10. Windows users get the use of graphics acceleration which drastically reduces CPU usage when watching videos and playing games. Linux and Mac version also have a speed increase. In one benchmark on my Linux system my score doubled over 10. For [...]

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The Wizard Vs the Basty

This is a little video my sister made. It is pretty weird but pretty funny. She was complaining it was not getting enough views so I put it here for her. Bitcoin Plus

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What to do with a cursed computer

What to do with a cursed computer There’s all kinds of fun things broken computers are good for. Below is what I would consider the top 10: Throw the computer off of a high point. At least 3 or 4 stories high would be good. I’ve done this before and it tends to be anti-climatic. [...]

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Virtual Box

Virtual box – fast emulation for Linux Having tried qemu, vmware and virtual box I have found virtual box to be the easiest virtual machine for Ubuntu to use without sacrificing any performance.

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Introduction To Linux

Introduction to Linux I first started using Linux back in the days when Red Hat 7 was the latest and greatest. I started using it because I wanted to be able to tweak my operating system more than windows would let me do. I wanted to be proficient using regedit but there was like no [...]

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Yahoo! Webcam in Linux

Webcam support for Yahoo Chat in Linux I searched for countless hours to find a way to connect to Yahoo webcams reliably from Linux. Finally I found GyachEi. Which stands for Gyach Enhanced Improved. Gyach was originally created as a yahoo only chat client. It was rather incomplete until someone came along and created Gyach [...]

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