Yahoo! Webcam in Linux

Webcam support for Yahoo Chat in Linux

I searched for countless hours to find a way to connect to Yahoo webcams reliably from Linux. Finally I found GyachEi. Which stands for Gyach Enhanced Improved. Gyach was originally created as a yahoo only chat client. It was rather incomplete until someone came along and created Gyach Enhanced adding webcam support including broadcasting and viewing as well as voice chat. At first I tried GyachE but found it to be rather unstable and continued my search for a full featured Yahoo! client. I found GyachE Improved which was created by the GyachE community after the developer of GyachE stopped work on it.

GyachEi which can be found at the GyachEi website is a Yahoo! client that supports most of the features of the official client. It was created with the philosophy that multi-protocol clients were slower to develop and implement new features because they had to insure compatibility with all the protocols. As far as I know it is the only client that supports voice chat and webcam broadcasting in Linux.

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