11 Good WordPress Plugins

I just updated my site to use wordpress instead of Etomite and I must say it’s a huge improvement. WordPress has such a large database of plugins and themes like themeforest wordpress you can make it do just about anything you can think of. If you are setting up a wordpress blog I’ll share my list of plugins so you won’t have to do the research to find the good ones:

  • All in One SEO Pack – Great SEO plugin does just about everything automatically but will let you tune things for those that want complete control, and there are also services of seo web design which can also help with your site design. You can also learn more about SEO if you find out how to start a Freelance SEO career.
  • Custom Page Extensions – I used this to add the “.html” extension to my pages to preserve the same urls I used with Etomite.
  • Exclude Pages from Navigation – This plugin lets you specify pages that don’t appear in the top navigation. Useful because I needed to migrate several pages but didn’t want them to clutter up my top navigation.
  • Google Analyticator – Quickly add Google Analytics code to the site. Easy to setup.
  • Google XML Sitemaps – Creates a site map. Easy as clicking install.
  • NoFollow Free – Removes the nofollow attribute from the link backs in comments. Encourages people to comment on your blog.
  • Post-to-Post Links II – easily link pages and posts together. Truthfully this should be built into WordPress.
  • Quick Adsense – Quickly add adsense to your blog posts and in the sidebar. I chose this one because it’s easy and it actually randomly chooses the ad format so people are less prone to ad blindness.
  • Really Simple Sitemap – Creates an HTML sitemap so people can easily see your whole site.
  • Sociable – Adds the share javascript to the bottom of each post so people can easily share your blog on social media.
  • Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – A good plugin that adds links to related post after each post so your visitors will be more likely to read more of your blog.
  • For Additional Reading- WordPress.com vs WordPress.org – 7 Ways to Choose Which One! – CollectiveRay

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