Simple Computer

Simple Computer

If your are looking for a computer for someone you know without all the
complicated bells and whistles that come with most computers, then you
have come to the right place, start by downloading the best webinar software 2021.

Here you will find the results of my Spring research project. A simple
computer that anybody could use, to browse the Internet, check e-mail,
manage pictures or write digital documents and then convert it to pdf,
using software from sites as
for this purpose. Take a look at the below screenshots to see how simple
it really is:
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Day 1 of Job Hunt

Day 1, Feb 18.

 Yesterday I update my resume on Monster and Dice and wouldn’t you know it today I got an e-mail from a recruiter. Senior System Administrator needed in Cambridge, MA! Heck yes, I’m interested. Job description looks good Basically keep a bunch of Debian servers running for a research group. I can do that. Continue reading Day 1 of Job Hunt

Finding Device Drivers

Device Driver Installation Guide

Windows in notorious for needing Device drivers for each and every piece of hardware a system has. Sometime it can use generic drivers but to get the most out of your hardware you need the driver that were written by the hardware manufacturer.

If you are lucky you know the model number of the device you need a driver for and you know the manufacturer. If this is the can you can usually go to the manufacturer’s website and find the drivers in the support section. A good example would be an HP Printer. HP printers always have their model number printed on the outside and HP’s website is pretty easy to navigate. Just go to and click on the “Software and Driver Downloads” link near the bottom left, than enter your model number (let’s say you have a deskjet 932c. A list of search results will come up, click on Deskject 932c, select your operating system and then click the file you want to download. In this case we will probably want the full feature driver. That’s all you have to do, installation should be as simple as running the executable. You will accelerate the process if you carefully study ssd vs hdd speed prior to installations.

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Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery

Did you forget your windows password? Or maybe you never knew it 😉 Whatever the case to use the procedure I’m going to show you, you will need physical access to the computer so I doubt you are actually a hacker. If you still do not understand it, you can ring up an IT consulting firm for a resolution.

The process I am about to describe will work in any windows NT based system. So you can reset your password in Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2003 and even Windows Vista possibly but I havn’t tried that one. Using this method it is not possible to find the password just reset it to something else or make it blank.

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Slashem and Nethack Survivors guide

Slash’EM survivors guide

Having successfully ascended a Valkyrie on Nethack I moved on to more exciting things like Slash’EM. I have found Slash’EM to be every bit as good as Nethack, a little more challenging and much more interesting. This guide will hopefully get you started in playing and save you some frustrations and many, many stupid deaths.

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World Domination

World Domination


I am no longer working on this project. Anyone who has the desire can take it over. I would be happy to help in what way I can.

The World Domination Project is a Real Time Strategy game inspired by
the board game Axis and Allies utilizing the Stratagus engine. It will
emphasize strategy and not “see who can build the most units the
fastest.” Resources are not gathered like in other RTS’s, rather they
are distributed after a fixed interval of time based on how much land a
player occupies.
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Linux Virus

in Linux

By David

28, 2006 AD

CS343 –
Operating Systems I

Semester, 2006

Dr. Barry


purpose of this paper is to investigate the possibility of viruses in
Linux and to demonstrate how viruses work and spread. We will look at
the fundamental security differences between Linux and Windows that
make viruses so common in Windows and almost unheard of in Linux.

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Introduction To Linux

Introduction to Linux

I first started using Linux back in the days when Red Hat 7 was the latest and greatest. I started using it because I wanted to be able to tweak my operating system more than windows would let me do. I wanted to be proficient using regedit but there was like no documentation at all about the windows registry. Compared to Linux windows is like a book with two pretty covers but all the pages are white with the contents of the book written in white ink. You can’t do anything with the stuff inside of windows.

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