Installing/Upgrading Hardware

Installing/upgrading hardware

If I were to include all the information you needed to know to install a piece of hardware it would quickly eat up my web space quota. So I have included a review of the best book I have read on the the subject.

Upgrading and Repairing Pcs

This was one of the first books I read when I was first learning to work on computers and it was very informative and that was back when it was in it’s second edition. It is now in its 17th edition and is better than ever. New hardware is developed all the time so this book is updated every year so that you can be sure that the information in it is relevant to the hardware you are dealing with today and covers the latest developments.

If you are just looking to install more RAM or upgrade your hard drive this book provides step by step instructions as well as detailed videos that show you how to install and remove every component that is in modern computers, and you can also go online to find the affordable options online, such as a Budget PC you can find in some sites online. If you want to upgrade but don’t know where to start this book will show you how to identify the hardware you have as well as upgrades that are compatible with your hardware.

Since its beginning this book has been the “be all, end all” on hardware in personal computers. I highly recommend it.