On-Site Computer Services

Any kind of computer repair only $50 / hour

The primary service I provide is spyware and the bestVPN. If your computer is running slower than normal and you are suffering from all kinds of random pop-ups or you background keeps changing or you just want to make sure nobody is going to steal your credit card information. I can typically clean a computer of all it’s spyware in under 2 hours. So that means you can get your computer virus clean and insure it stays that way for just $100.

Other services I offer include:

  • Home Network setup
  • Wireless Setup using a router login list.
  • The best sound system with Headphonage
  • DSL installation and Setup
  • Operating System reinstallation
  • Hardware installation and troubleshooting
  • Hardware upgrades

Just recently I have started offering web services. For just $5/month I can host create, host and maintain your business or personnal website and using other managed services provider could be really good for this. That means if you commit to using me for a year. I will build your whole website and then make any futrue changes to it that you desire. I will also do whatever is necessary that your website is one of the top 20 results on in internet searches relavent to your content. This website provides a good example of what I can do. If you are interested shoot me an e-mail {{email}}

2 thoughts on “On-Site Computer Services”

  1. Great stuff! I’m thinking about going independent. My dilemma now is deciding on the target market.

    Home users: Is there enough business there? And once you decide to target home users, is it that much harder to attract small business owners?

    Small businesses (10-20) users: How do I manage this in the beginning when I’m still at work? Is residual maintenance work the way to go with small businesses?

  2. You might want to re-read your opening comments about how you started the computer
    repair business. I gave it a quick read and saw several typo errors, missing words etc,
    that if you’re going to stay in the business, then give it some editing. It won’t take long

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