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Install Adobe Flash Player 10.1

Flash Player 10.1 beta is out and it makes huge performance improvements over 10. Windows users get the use of graphics acceleration which drastically reduces CPU usage when watching videos and playing games. Linux and Mac version also have a speed increase. In one benchmark on my Linux system my score doubled over 10. For [...]

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The Wizard Vs the Basty

This is a little video my sister made. It is pretty weird but pretty funny. She was complaining it was not getting enough views so I put it here for her. Bitcoin Plus

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11 Good WordPress Plugins

I just updated my site to use wordpress instead of Etomite and I must say it’s a huge improvement. WordPress has such a large database of plugins you can make it do just about anything you can think of. If you are setting up a wordpress blog I’ll share my list of plugins so you [...]

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