Internal component failure

Internal Problem

So far we have determined that the problem must lie with something inside the computer. One the internal components of your computer is broken and probably needs replaced. The procedure to decide which one is called swap-till-you-drop. Here is some guidelines to find out where the problem lies. Try each one and then see if it fixes the problem.

  • Find the Clear CMOS jumper, usually it is located by the battery. This jumper has two positions clear CMOS and normal. If it is not on normal your computer will not work.
  • Removed or unplug everything from the motherboard except what is necessary for the system to power on. So remove everything except the CPU and heatsink, one stick of RAM and the video card (many computers have integrated video card which are soldered on the motherboard so you could not remove them even if you wanted to.)
  • Ensure the important components are securely seated and attached to the motherboard. Take the RAM out and put it back in. Push the power connector firmly in place, reseat the video card, etc.

Now it the time to start swapping. The order given here is recommended because it begins with the most failure prone components

  1. Swap out the power supply with a known good one.
  2. Swap out the RAM with a known good one (only use one stick.)
  3. Swap out the motherboard with a known good one.
  4. Swap out the processor with a known good one.

Ensure the motherboard you are using supports the processor that is plugged into it. Just because it fits into the socket does not mean that it will work.

Did this help your situation?

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