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I have worked on computer problems for years and have put together just of few of the common problems and how to fix them on this site. Use the links and click on the problem you need help with.

Downloads Disappear

Do files you download disappear before you ever get a chance to open them? This can happen in Internet Explorer 6, 7, and 8 as well as all versions of Firefox.

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Finding Device Drivers

Device Driver Installation Guide Windows in notorious for needing Device drivers for each and every piece of hardware a system has. Sometime it can use generic drivers but to get the most out of your hardware you need the driver that were written by the hardware manufacturer. If you are lucky you know the model [...]

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Windows Password Recovery

Windows Password Recovery Did you forget your windows password? Or maybe you never knew it Whatever the case to use the procedure I’m going to show you, you will need physical access to the computer so I doubt you are actually a hacker. The process I am about to describe will work in any windows [...]

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Starting a Computer Repair Business

Starting a Computer Repair Business If you are like me you grew up always being interested in Computers. I was always reading thick computer books for fun and tinkering with all the computers we had at home and started collecting more and more until I had enough to setup my own home network. I felt [...]

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Windows XP Won’t Boot

Windows XP won’t boot If you’ve worked with windows for 2 minutes you’ve probably been exposed to the Blue Screen of Death or BsD. Usually Blue Screens are rather harmless and go away after a reboot. But when they don’t, when they stick around and keep reoccurring after every reboot, then you have problems. The [...]

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