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Setup VPS with Debian, Nginx and Virtualmin

I recently upgraded my VPS to use Nginx and Virtualmin and found it to be a killer setup. Nginx is superfast in a low memory setup and Virtualmin GPL edition is a powerful and free control panel which I have found to be more intuitive than Cpanel. This setup works great with a reasonably priced [...]

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Cheap VPS ~ 512mb for $5.36/month

If you need root access but don’t want to any more than a shared hosting account price then check out I have found them to be reliable and fast with reasonable support. UPDATE: Now till end of Augest get %10 off any Linux or Windows VPS  in any location. Use promotion code “summer10″. Check [...]

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Superfast embedded fonts with @font-face

Now that font embedding is supported in all major browsers it has become increasingly common thanks to the bulletproof embedding technique. However embedded fonts can add several milliseconds if not whole seconds and can even block rendering if not done correctly. Here you will find how to mitigate the performance implications if not eliminate them [...]

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Bulletproof and fast css gradients

I am daring to claim that I have found the best bulletproof way to create css3 background gradients. It is the best because it guarantees that extra http requests are not made unless needed and bulletproof because it works in every browser falling back to a normal background-image based gradient if necessary. UPDATE: Added new rules [...]

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A free content delivery network for your domain

There are many things that make a webpage load quickly and the most difficult of which is serving static content from a content delivery network or CDN. There are two free CDN that I know of.

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