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Bulletproof and fast css gradients

I am daring to claim that I have found the best bulletproof way to create css3 background gradients. It is the best because it guarantees that extra http requests are not made unless needed and bulletproof because it works in every browser falling back to a normal background-image based gradient if necessary. UPDATE: Added new rules [...]

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Protaculous – minified and optimized prototype + scriptaculous

Minified versions of Prototype 1.7 + Scriptaculous 1.9.0 Last month the developers of Scriptaculous blessed us with a new released based on Prototype 1.7 so I thought we should see how well it minified. Nobody else seems to be providing minified versions so I thought I would make a few of my own. I used [...]

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A free content delivery network for your domain

There are many things that make a webpage load quickly and the most difficult of which is serving static content from a content delivery network or CDN. There are two free CDN that I know of.

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